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Recent happenings:

  • T-shirts! Rising Phoenix Enterprises in conjunction with 3 Winds is now selling asian/buddhist based t-shirt designs. Please take a look and tell us what you think!
  • Three Winds is producing podcasts for Rising Phoenix Enterprises, LLC., a company whose focus is online sales of high-quality tea and kung-fu items, as well as Chinese culture and history. There are two series of planned podcasts, one covering tea culture and use and another covering various aspects of kung-fu, tai-chi, qi-gong and health.
  • Rising Phoenix has comissioned the production of five, instructional DVDs on topics such as qi-gong, tai-chi and other forms of kung-fu.
  • Cleveland Executives Association's website launched. Cleveland Executives is the Cleveland chapter of the International Executives Club, a group dedicated to providing networking opportunities for leading executives.

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Three Winds Claw and Fist Productions is dedicated to producing high-quality advertising and informational campaigns as well as photographic and video resources for a wide range of businesses and organizations. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Three Winds has created websites, multimedia, print materials and brand identities for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses in the United States and through out Asia.

To better service customers, Three Winds has recently concluded indepth analysis of current trends and cultural and business customs as well as design asethetics in Asia's two largest markets: China and Japan.

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